Green Drain Stopper Video Launch!

We've recently unveiled our new Green Drain stopper video and it's up on our front page and YouTube!  We thought it was important to showcase how the Green Drain stopper and drain hair remover tool functions in a visual fashion.  Please share our video with your friends and family.  The only way we can change the world and create a sustainable environment for our children is by working together.

Our mission is to save your time and money while also contributing to a healthier environment.  Is there a better combination out there than that?  We've come a long way from conception to completion in developing our product.  I couldn't be more proud knowing that we've created a product we truly believe in that benefits everyone who uses it and not just the company.

Buying the whole home package to outfit four sinks in your home will only cost you $40 and ships for free.  These drain filters will last years - eliminating the need to purchase and store toxic chemicals such as Drano.  No more waiting a half hour after pouring Drano into your system hoping it works.  Instead, simply pop the Green Drain stopper out of the sink and use the Green Drain hair remover tool to quickly and efficiently remove the hair and debris into your trash bin.

Below is a picture of a Green Drain stopper after two weeks of use.  Gross!  Would you rather have that in your plumbing or trash bin?  Don't pour money down the drain! Make the move now and purchase the whole home package to outfit your home with the Green Drain stopper.  Are you an apartment building or hotel manager looking to outfit all of your units with the Green Drain stopper complete with the drain hair remover tool?  Check out our wholesale page and contact us directly at to explore wholesale pricing!



Green Drain Stopper Ace Hardware Launch!

Green Drain StopperHello Everyone!

We are proud to announce the Green Drain stopper complete with the drain hair remover tool has recently been added to the product line of Ace Hardware stores in Arizona!  You can find our patented Green Drain stopper in the bath and plumbing section.  If you can't make it to the store - or need more than one - make sure to buy now from our secure online shopping cart.  Buy the whole home package to outfit all of your sinks and receive a discount on each Green Drain stopper along with free shipping and handling!  Don't pour money down the drain!  Instead, save yourself some time and effort while also contributing to saving the environment for the future generations to come.  No more harmful chemicals!


The Green Drain Stopper is the ultimate solution for keeping your drain clean and free from clogging. GreenDrain is an easy to install and easy to use 'drop-in' replacement for your sink drain.

The GreenDrain Stopper eliminates the need for hazardous, toxic chemicals by trapping hair and debris with the Stopper itself! These ‘un-clogging’ chemicals can be dangerous to breathe and can damage your plumbing.

GreenDrain provides an easy way to trap hair and debris. GreenDrain offers a very easy method to remove and clean your Sink Drain Stopper, without having to take the drain pipe apart to remove impeding hair and debris. GreenDrain eliminates the need for a costly plumber to un-clog your sink drain!green_drain2