The Green Drain Stopper is the ultimate solution for keeping your drain clean and free from clogging. Green Drain is an easy to install and easy to use ‘drop-in’ replacement for your sink drain. The Green Drain Stopper eliminates the need for hazardous, toxic chemicals by trapping hair and debris with the Stopper itself!

Green Drain provides an easy way to trap hair and debris.  Green Drain offers a very easy method to remove and clean your Sink Drain Stopper, without having to take the drain pipe apart to remove impeding hair and debris. Green Drain eliminates the need for a costly plumber to un-clog your sink drain!


Don’t pour money down the drain – eliminates the need for hazardous and toxic chemicals

An affordable and sustainable drop-in replacement to your existing sink drain stopper

You won’t have to call an expensive plumber – fix the problem before it exists



A Drain Stopper and Filter with A Free Drain Hair Remover Tool

The Green Drain stopper is a drain filter with a drain hair remover tool that eliminates drain clogs and provides your house with a clean drain forever. The Green Drain hair filter catches hair before it passes through your drain into your pipes. It prevents a clogged or slow drain and always gives you a clean drain.

Green Drain eliminates the need for a snake drain or harmful chemcials. It is the newest home remedy clogged drain solution as it works hard to always prevent the annoying clogged drain and slow drain issues. The Green Drain stopper is a replacement for your bathroom sink pop-up drain stopper. The Green Drain stopper traps hair and debris in the drain filter before it gets a chance to clog or slow your drain.



Drain Hair Remover

Buy your all in one home remedy Green Drain stopper now and forget the days of a clogged drain.